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The gorgeous coasts of the Golden State hold a special place in our hearts. Careful use of these beautiful and fragile environments will ensure that they remain open to the sport of freediving and spearfishing. The DFG sets the standards that freedivers follow while selecting a catch for dinner. Many choose to be even more selective and considerate of ocean resources following higher self-imposed standards. Know the regulations thoroughly before you go: Ocean Sportfishing. There is also a great collection of Fish ID charts.

CA Regional Clubs:

  1. Northern California - San Jose Flipper Dippers
  2. Central California - CenCal Council of Diving Clubs, Monterey Bay Tritons, Chartle Charters - Spearfishing Albacore!
  3. Southern California - Los Angeles Fathomiers, Performance Freediving Malibu

2008 Picasso Open - Sept. 27

Coming this fall! The Northern California 2008 Picasso Open spearfishing tournament will be held at Caspar Cove campground in Mendocino, CA. Species meet. Entry cost is $45 by August 31; the price is a little more after that.

Special thanks to LA-based artist Rick Reese for the use of his oceanic artwork!